Licence fee

Licence fee

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The RSPCA Assured certification mark has a value due to the public’s recognition and understanding of the RSPCA brand and this is reflected in the licence fee.

The money generated by licence fee helps us run the scheme and promote the certification mark, further increasing its value to those who use it on their products and menus. As we are a charity, every penny is put back into improving farm animal welfare.

Licence fee is based on the price you sell the product at, excluding VAT.

The only exception is for secondary products where the RSPCA Assured ingredient is only one of a number of ingredients - for example a sandwich or a pie. In these instances licence fee is based on the purchase price of the RSPCA Assured ingredients.

Licence fees

Meat, poultry and liquid egg - 0.375% of value of product sold

Eggs (including boiled eggs) - 5p per 30 dozen eggs sold

Milk - 2.5p per 20 litres sold

Salmon and trout - 0.875p of value of product sold per kilo (gutted weight)

Licence fees must be paid quarterly. Businesses submit a licence fee return form and RSPCA Assured will send an invoice for the licence fee owed.

Sales quantities and values will be audited annually and if further licence fee is due it will be payable immediately, plus interest.

If a business ceases to be a member of RSPCA Assured, the RSPCA Assured certification mark or any references to it must be removed from all products, menus, stationery, buildings, vehicles and all marketing communications immediately.

To request a licence fee return form or for more information about licence fees, please email us or call us on 01403 800141.

All uses of the RSPCA Assured certification mark and the words RSPCA Assured are strictly subject to membership and should be emailed to us for written approval.